Donovan vs. Brandon


The reviews are starting to come in for TURN TO ME, Book 2 in The Thin Blue Thread series, and there seems to be some conflict with my readers. It’s very interesting. Some are team Donovan and some are team Brandon. Two similar, but different personalities. I din’t expect my characters to evoke such feelings, but I’m glad that they do. That means I’ve created multidimensional characters and like real people are liked by some and not others. For a writer that’s exciting.

Where my storyline was inspired by true events and the main characters inspired by real people, this is a fictional romance and the characters have come to life on the pages and are acting in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable at times, but also true to their backstory and development within the book. An exciting process to be a part of and I’m so thrilled to go along and document their journey with my words.

TURN TO ME is currently available at: Bookstrand, but soon to all E retailers.

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