Thursday, October 30th 11am to 11pm EST

Cool interviews, Games, Giveaways, and more…

The Rafflecopter:

Takeover Schedule (in EST):

11:00 AM: Sarah Darlington
11:30 AM: Jen Greyson – The Survival Mama
12:00 PM: Briana Gaitan
12:30 PM: Author Gia Riley
1:00 PM: AKMichaelsauthor
1:30 PM: Cora Brent
2:00 PM: Elizabeth Briggs
2:30 PM: Cori Williams
3:00 PM: Blakely Bennett
3:30 PM: Joanne Schwehm – Author
4:00 PM: Author-Cassie Graham
4:30 PM: Brenda St John Brown, writer
5:00 PM: Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
5:30 PM: Author Anna Mychals
6:00 PM: Jen Naumann
6:30 PM: Leesa Bow Author
7:00 PM: C.J. Fallowfield
7:30 PM: Jessica Gibson
8:00 PM: L.G.Kelso
8:30 PM: Author Maryann Jordan
9:00 PM: Mandy Lou Dowson
9:30 PM: Alora Kate Author
10:00 PM: Kaitlyn Stone
10:30 PM: Addison Kline
11:00 PM: S.m. Shade

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